Tools and Resources


There are links within my articles and resources that are affiliate or referral links, meaning I earn a slight commission if there is a registration or something is bought – at no added cost to those who use them.

Earning your trust and appreciation is greater than screwing you over to earn a measly commission. We’re here for the long haul. Together.

Content Writing

Although content writing requires time and research, having developed profiles with solid libraries are great sources of passive income. They also allow you to hone your skills and gain backlinks to other projects. I highly recommend you consider these two in your internet income strategy:

HubPages – 60% ad revenue, multiple affiliate links, articles are indexed on Google

InfoBarrel – 75%-90% ad revenue, Amazon affiliate links, backlinks

Rebate Apps

Reclaim your money. If you don’t, someone else will. Why not have it be you. Use these apps to earn back some cash, easing the blow at the register with everything from appliances to groceries:



Snap by Groupon 


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