Content Writing Sites 101

Revenue sharing content writing sites have experienced some turbulence in recent years, to say the least. The industry has been through a roller coaster of mergers, restructuring, and shutdowns. However, content writing remains a formidable tool and engine for growth of online property and presence as well as income generation.

Content sites are great canvasses. There is a great amount of freedom to write about a vast array of topics. This is significantly more arduous when publishing independently, due to the required upfront work in establishing authority and a platform. Content sites provide the platform. It’s your job to convey the authority. There is a lot of opportunity in this.


In terms of income, the industry is by no means what it once was. Sites have fallen mute about success stories of writers earning over $2,500 monthly. This is not to say content sites have run dry, because they haven’t. The well is just significantly deeper and harder to gather. Affiliate links and backlinks are assets for writing on content sites. They reinforce earnings.


For several years and counting, InfoBarrel has steadily been gaining writers, readers, and Alexa ranking. It’s a useful tool and passive income generator.

My InfoBarrel strategy relies heavily upon Pinterest and StumbleUpon. These two drive nearly all of my traffic. Being that Google no longer indexes InfoBarrel articles, traffic is a challenge. I do earn decent double-digit earnings monthly.

  • 75%-90% revenue shareInfo-Barrel-for-SEO-content
  • Develop writing skills, voice
  • Google no longer indexes InfoBarrel
  • Content can therefore be stolen and plagiarized
  • Organic traffic is minimal

The conclusion

The old adage rings true, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Become versed in multiple skills and develop multiple streams of revenue. This is the key to success and progress.

A diversified portfolio is strength.


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