Finding Dividend Stocks

Dividends are true, pure passive income. There are multiple ways of finding and researching dividend stocks. Here, I will briefly discuss two methods/tools that I use. Both involve The Street, a financial news site, founded by Jim Cramer.


The two tools are:

  • High-Yield Stocks and Top Dividends

The board, with rankings and yields, chronicles the evolving landscape of dividend stocks.

  • Vanessa Tawresey’s articles

Vanessa Tawresey writes regularly about dividend stocks, their performance and outlooks. Her analysis is clear and direct.


InfoBarrel 101

Content writing sites are ever changing. Many are unreliable, sketchy, and pay poorly.

InfoBarrel is one content writing site that stands out amongst the others.

It has a very decent revenue share, with opportunities and incentives for increasing the rate.There is a great amount of freedom and respect for the writers. The writer community there is active, strong, and very helpful.

Unmatched by other content sites, writers receive 75% of the ad revenue their articles earn on InfoBarrel. However, there are constant opportunities to increase this percentage.

Monthly contests, in which points are earned through publishing articles and submitting them to be featured the upcoming month on the homepage, can earn you up to an additional 15% ad revenue for the next month.

For added income, writers can input Amazon Affiliate links into their articles.


  • increased exposure
  • Amazon affiliate links
  • platform for creating backlinks
  • passive income generation, 75% ad share
  • the outlet to further development skills, and future passive income.

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