Rebate Apps: Putting Money Back in your Wallet

Grocery shopping can sometimes be a painful experience. For many reasons, it can be a hassle. One major reason is the cost. You can feel taken with the prices some groceries run these days. And the fact that healthy, organic food costs more is an unpleasant fact. There is an easy way to reclaim what you’ve spent, after the fact. And its done with rebate apps. A rebate is a pay back. Whereas coupons work before a transaction can be completed, a rebate takes place after. And with these apps on your smartphone, you can reclaim some money just from your phone.

Here are 3 that I highly recommend:

Ibotta – They have rebates for a wide range of stores. For some participating outlets, you can sync your store rewards card to your Ibotta account – requiring minimal effort for claiming a rebate.

Berrycart – The rebates on Berrycart are centered on health foods. If you do any shopping at all at large health food stores or buy anything down the organic aisle at your local grocery store, look into Berrycart as a way to reduce the costs of your shopping trips.

Snap by Groupon – As many different rebates as there are items on Groupon. Snap by Groupon is another great app to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities.


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